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Founded in 2001 by Richard Bohrer, beginning with over 22 years of experience in North Dakota and Minnesota. We pride ourselves in attention to detail and client satisfaction. a broad experience base allows us to handle just about any project regardless of size. We use the latest in technology and computer aided design to produce exceptional results in a timely manner.

We believe in engaging our clients at many levels within their organization to learn about the real issues and ideas of all the stakeholders. Our project approach also focuses on creating the most value for the client at the least cost. It is important to budget the project in balance with the true project scope and expectations. Determining the building's quality and long term value and expenditures are critical elements to consider when designing.

It is important to do estimates of construction cost at several stages in the design process giving the client a clear picture of what to expect. These estimates can help to determine if alternates can be used to cut initial cost.

We also have the responsibility to provide our clients with sustainable approaches to building design and construction. Presenting energy saving options, better quality materials, and taking advantage of day light are just a few methods available. As part of this effort we will provide you with cost and payback information to make educated decisions on what is right for you and your project.

Community Involvement is important to ACI and the staff. Last year we voluntered our time to developing the Dakota Zoo Masterplan. The staff also play on numerous community sports teams in Bismarck and Mandan.

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